Looking forward to 'baron rating' Sharp's ales very soon!

There was a discussion on twitter a couple of weeks ago about Sharp's Chalky's Bark & Bite and I mentioned that I'd not tried it. @SharpsBrewery promptly got in touch and asked if I would like to try some. Well it would have been rude to refuse such a polite and generous offer and so four bottles of finely crafted Sharp's Brewery ales arrived yesterday:

Sharp's Brewery
  • Atlantic IPA - 4.8% crisp light golden beer with a superb dry finish
  • Chalky's Bark - 4.5% classic aged beer naturally flavoured with fresh ginger
  • Chalky's Bite - 6.8% classic aged beer naturally flavoured with wild Cornish fennel
  • Eden Pure Ale- 4.5% "nice amber body, great natural taste" via RateBeer
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Sharp's Brewery beers soon, and a big thank you to @SharpsBrewery from Sharp's for sending these through to me!

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