Morrisons February ale & beer offers (24th January - 27th February 2011)

It's February's new beer & ale offers time in Morrisons (or rather it was last week) so I popped into the local Ormskirk branch yesterday to check them out.

Here are the details:
  • Ringwood Boondoggle
    £1.25 instead of £1.75
Most of this month's offers are within the 'baron bargain' price range (£1.30 or less), if I was in a beer-buying mood I'd probably go for some Fursty Ferret & Tanglefoot. I did notice that unlike other months, Ormskirk Morrisons had full shelves for each of the ales on offer so at least if you like the ale on offer you've a chance of actually buying some!

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Curmudgeon said...

For those who like them with their beer, Morrisons are also currently offering 75g packs of pork scratchings at half-price (44p).

I have to say I found the Ringwood Boondoggle summed up all I don't like about many "golden ales" - dull, insipid and lacking in hop character.

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