Saffron Saffron IPA

Saffron Saffron IPA [baron rating 1/5] - 3.6% amber ale,slightly earthy sulphur smell,hedgerow fruit sharp herbal taste,dry bay leaf finish
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it.

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Note: Not bottle conditioned

This was part of the spring pack of the superb '52 week beer club' by myBrewerytap.

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Martin said...

Come on guys, play fair. This must be northern bias - Roger Protz give it a five. Only joking! It would be nice if you could review some of the other Saffron Walden beers and also the finish reviewing the rest of the Brentwood ones; I like to have a local beer once in a while.

Baron Orm said...

Martin, thanks for the comment. I'd be happy to review the other Saffron beers although you don't see them up this way but if Saffron want to send some for review then that would be fine! ;)

As for the Brentwood, I'm looking forward to the rest of them also, just need more beer-drinking evenings with Chris so that we gave get them the audio they deserve!

Rob Derbyshire said...

"One of Britian's finest artisan breweries" YOU WHAT!?!?!?!
I think I gave this bottle to a friend...I wondered why Tony hasn't spoken to me for a while? ;-)

Baron Orm said...

Rob, I agree completely about that statement, as soon as I read it I thought that it was going to be bad - I think it's big headed to make such claims without some kind of seal of approval.

Hope Tony forgives you one day but I doubt it...

Martin said...

I think you need to try some more of their products before making that kind of statement. (They have six other bottled beers available).

To be honest it is a couple of years since I have had a bottle and I doubt any of them are more than a three out of five, but I feel I ought to try them more often as they are my local brewery.

I prefer their draft brews, but both the local public houses that provided them have decided not to stock these anymore. One of then now has seasonal beers from the Brentwood Brewery and these are rather good and I am interested how their bottled versions shape up.

Baron Orm said...

Martin, I think regardless of whether their beers are good or bad,say that you are one of the finest artisan breweries is a bit much don't you?

I'd be happy to try the rest of their bottled range but I'm afraid they won't be going near the top of the list based on this example.

The Brentwood ones on the other hand are going to get tried during the next baron rating session with Chris (not all but at least a couple)

Martin said...

"Finest" is a bit subjective. They may mean in the top 10,000! Also, finest can mean very small in size and that will most certainly be an accurate statement. Anyway, didn't you give one of the Brewdog range a one as well? The rest have all been top notch beers.

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