How to mute Twitter #hashtags such as #ebbc12...

As you probably know, this weekend is the European Beer Bloggers Conference over in Leeds where nearly 100 beer bloggers are meeting up for sessions, talks, samples and meals as well as plenty of catching up and making of new friends.

We will all be using the Twitter hashtag #ebbc12 and there is probably going to be an absolute ton of tweets from the attendees, myself included. If you are not attending or interested in every minor detail of the conference then you are going to get pretty fed up of the #ebbc12 hashtag.

But there is a glimmer of hope for you: a lot of Twitter clients have a way of muting a particular hashtag so that you won't see any tweets which contain it. I couldn't find details on how to do this with the main Twitter website but I do know that it's possible in Echofon (the client I use via Firefox on my PC) and I've read that at least Tweetbot & TweetDeck have ways to mute hashtags.

On Echofon it's really easy, simply right-click on the 'evil' hashtag and select the mute option:

Silence that sucka!

For the other two clients, click the links above. If you use a different client and know how to mute hashtags then please add a comment to this post so that we don't upset too many people whilst we have a great time! :)


Neville Grundy said...

I found a simpler way - I've never signed up twitter. Enjoy your themed holiday.

Anonymous said...

I have echofon,have tried "mute this tag" several wont shut up.

Baron Orm said...

Hum that is odd it did used to worked for me, are you using Echofon in firefox or one of the other versions?

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