Keynote Speech with Head Brewer Stuart Howe from Sharp’s Brewery

Stuart Howe, Head Brewer at Sharp’s Brewery. Fell in love with beer in 1993, a lonely time without an online community to talk to like minded-folks. He was told that people didn't want beer to have flavour just not off-flavours by his brewing college tutors. Left Herriot-Watt with a first class degree.

First job was at Brakspear Brewery, then Berkshire Brewery learnt about consistency and quality. Moved to Sharps Brewery, been there ten years. Molson-Coors bought Sharps due to Stuart's passion for flavour and depth.

  • 4 things he loves about beer: Hops & Malt, Diversity, Alcohol, Brewers
  • 4 things he loves about blogging: Personal, Community, Independence, Influence

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