Looking forward to baron rating Dark Star Six Hop

Dark Star Brewing Co. have a warm place in my heart having started off in The Evening Star pub in Brighton which was the town where I grew up ('Hove actually').  It also helps that they make excellent beers, their Hophead is one that I head for if I ever see it on as it's such an amazingly tasty low ABV beer.

I've baron rated a number of their bottled ales and was even lucky enough to taken around the brewery on a personal tour so I was really excited when I found a bottle of their brand new Six Hop in the box along with my recent order from Ales By Mail:

Dark Star Brewing Co.
  • Six Hop - 6.5% hand crafted extreme hops ale,six different varieties of hops,used during six stages of the brewing process, by six brewers... it's a beast of a beer

The label is lovely on this tall slender 330ml bottle, as it wraps around the sides, the edges of the label are detailed with twisting hop vines and the bottle is topped with a lovely cap sporting the Dark Star star.

Look out for the baron rating for this Dark Star Brewing Co. beer soon, and a big thank you to Paul Kruzycki from Ales By Mail for sending it through to me!

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