My Williams Bros Brewery order has arrived!

I've had my eye on Williams Brothers Brewery's 12-bottle contemporary pack for a while and finally got round to ordering it on Wednesday this week: they arrived on Friday:

No, not all three cases are for me, a couple of mates (Chris & Mike) chipped in to combine the postage so each pack ended up at £20 (£1.67 a bottle)

I think each pack is identical, here is a line up of the twelve different bottles that I got:

Don't they look good? I'm looking forward to getting stuck into them especially the Williams Bros IPA & Joker IPA!

Buy Williams Brothers ale here.


tania_nexust said...

Many good beers there! And I see you got a Ginger too - I haven't had the chance to try mine yet, as I want to do so on a clean palate. But should be good to go towards the end of the week!

Mike Nolan said...

Just had the two IPAs. Not as hoppy as I'd imagine but pleasant enough.

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