More views on King Cobra

Most of the time when 'baron rating' it's just myself with the occasional help from Chris as the vast majority of my friends don't like 'pongy ale'.

Last weekend we had some friends round for the evening and having received some bottles of King Cobra lager that day thought it a perfect opportunity to get some of it chilled, opened and passed around. 

There were six of us in total (three couples), five of us thought it was really nice, one thought it was ok, giving an average score of 4/5. Everyone commented that it didn't taste like lager (meaning regular supermarket lager) and was quite sweet with the carbonation and mouthfeel of champagne.

What was interesting was that two of the three ladies said that they would happily drink King Cobra instead of wine not only because they enjoyed the taste but also knowing that the lower alcohol level of 8% (rather than around 14% for wine) would leave them in a better state the next day!

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