Brakspear Bitter offer: 8 cans for £5 in B&M Bargains (Ormskirk)

B&M Bargains in Ormskirk has 500ml cans of Brakspear Bitter [baron rating 5/5] on offer: 8 cans for £5 = 63p/can (best before 30/09/2010)


Curmudgeon said...

Hmm, surprised to see that in cans. Is this part of the "premium canned beer revolution"? It would be interesting to have a blind tasting with the bottled version.

Baron Orm said...

I tried a can of it tonight (not a taste test though) and it seemed a little more 'juicy' than the bottle. It was really really nice!

Might do the side-by-side taste test on Thursday... have to get down there tomorrow to clear the shelves of it ;)

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