Sharp's Doom Bar

Sharp's Doom Bar [baron rating 4/5] - 4.3% amber ale,fruity buttery smell,sweet caramel malt & spicy juicy hop taste & juicy bitter finish

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Ed said...

I think i must be the only person in the world who doesn't rate this on draught, i find it a bit watery, like beer made with a Tea bag of malt and hops.....Does the bottled version contain more depth? Or am i the only one!

Baron Orm said...

I've not mentioned thin or watery in my description so it must have been ok,I remember it as being quite buttery and creamy, with the hops adding some interest rather than dominating.

Anonymous said...

My friend and I took a real liking to this beer (Doom Bar) whilst on holiday in the Cotswolds this year, we could not drink enough of it (well, we did!!), I have been searching in South Essex but have had no luck yet, anyone any ideas??

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