Looking forward to 'baron rating' Warwickshire ales very soon!

Some beers arrived this week at Baron Towers that I've not seen around before, four select bottles sent through from Warwickshire Beer Co.:

Warwickshire Beer Co.
  • Duck Soup - 4.2% copper ale with Fuggles & Bobek hops.
  • Kingmaker - 5.5% rich fruity beer,overtones of whisky, orange & dark chocolate
  • Lady Godiva - 4.2% aromatic golden ale,slightly sweet biscuity malt taste with lingering bitterness
  • Shakespeare's County - 5% easy drinking ale,slightly spicy,delicately floral,great straight from the fridge
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Warwickshire Beer Co. beers soon, and a big thank you to @WarksBeerCo from Warwickshire Beer Co. for sending these through to me!

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