Looking forward to 'baron rating' Mallinsons ales very soon!

I got a tweet this weekend from Tara of Mallinsons Brewery saying that she was going to be in Ormskirk and would I like a few samples of her beers. That is such a silly question, everyone should know by know that the Baron never says no to the chance of trying some beers that aren't on the baron rating master list!

So not only did I get to meet the lovely Tara but also collect six different Mallinsons ales:

Mallinsons Brewing Company
  • Chocolate Stout - 4.2% deep dark colour with a dark cream head,dark chocolate, fruit & roast malt aroma and taste,slightly dry finish
  • Citra (Now that's what I call hops! 16) - 4.2% very pale ale,grapefruit & light mango nose,bitter hoppy citrus taste,bitter grapefruit & light passion fruit finish
  • Emily Moor - 3.5% black with a ruby hint,full bodied mild with a chocolate taste & slightly bitter finish
  • Hidden Malt - 5.3% very pale straw ale with a fresh dry hop nose of Pacific Jade.Fresh fruity citrus taste followed by bitter slightly dry finish
  • Lynx (On the Buses No. 7) - 4.4% very pale gold ale,lightly fruity light hop nose.Bitter tart taste & long dry-ish bitter finish
  • Motueka (Now that's what I call hops! 6) - 3.7% blonde beer,juicy fruity hop aroma,bitter taste & hoppy fruity bitter finish
All of Mallinsons beers are bottle conditioned.

I don't think there's any need to write my baron ratings other than the score as Tara has done a great job of describing these beers already! I really like it when brewers describe the flavours you should get from the ale rather than just putting "a tasty refreshing balanced ale"...

Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Mallinsons beers soon, and a big thank you to Tara @Mallinsons from Mallinsons Brewery for handing these over to me!

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