Looking forward to baron rating Mr Trotter's Great British Pork Crackling

I've always been interested in snacks that work well with beer - crisps, scotch eggs, pork pies, etc. but I've never really gotten into pork scratchings. Maybe it's something in the name that puts me off, but these times may be behind me once I've tried these:

Mr Trotter's Great British Pork Crackling is different from normal pork scratching in that they use 100% British pigs rather than Danish rind. So you can enjoy a tasty snack with your British pint knowing that you are supporting British farming as well (more than just enjoying the barley-based drink!).

Mr. Trotter's are available from all Selfridges stores (London, Birmingham & Manchester) for the rather royal sum of £1.89 per 60g pack (does anyone else think that's bit steep?)

Look out for the 'baron rating' for these Mr. Trotter's Great British Pork Crackling soon, and a big thank you to Julie from R&R Teamworkfor sending them through to me!

Buy Mr. Trotter's from Selfridges


Curmudgeon said...

I'm a fan of scratchings, although I don't like the ones that are so hard you risk breaking your teeth.

£1.89 for 60g is a bit eye-watering, though. I recommend the "Pub Original Pork Crackling", available in Tesco at 84p for a 75g bag. Or the Mike Evans scratchings found in Hydes pubs.

Anonymous said...

£1.89 for 60g? That seems extortionate. I bought a 50g bag of "Awfully Posh" pork crackling (although they seemed like scratchings) from Harvey Nichols the other day for £0.95 and they were delicious. Also there were just two ingredients, pork and salt - which seemed quite good.

Baron Orm said...

It does seem high, you'll have to listen to what we think of them...

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