Looking forward to baron rating St Stefanus Blonde

St Stefanus seem to have come from nowhere on the beer scene but have a great website, twitter presence and have been getting their Blonde beer out there! I was sent a bottle of this from AlesByMail but thought that it should best be enjoyed from the correct glassware (it's very important!) as well as getting enough of the beer to give a decent audio review. So I got in touch with St Stefanus and they delivered this package to me promptly this week:

This beautiful large shoe-box housed a couple of bottles of their Blonde beer as well as one of the nicest glasses I've seen, absolutely stunning with black and gold St Stefanus lettering and a beautiful gold rim. It's around the size of a thick wine glass and will make drinking the beer seem as classy as drinking a glass of fine wine.

The box also contained a very nicely presented booklet about the brewery and the beer, detailing tasting notes about how the beers will change as they age as well as details about the fact that it's an unpasteurised fermented beer that is refermented in the bottle. It's brewed with three different yeast strains to give it's distinctive flavour.
  •  St Stefanus Blonde - 7% ale brewed with three different yeasts and matured for at least three months. This speciality Belgian Blonde beer is an unpasteurised, high fermented beer that is then refermented in the bottle (taken from the St. Stefanus website)
It's a beautiful pack, including beer mats with details about the ale and the details from the monastery itself, I was gobsmacked when I opened it. If there was ever a time when marketing was done tastefully and to the point then this pack is it!

Look out for 'baron ratings' of this St Stefanus beer soon, and a big thank you to Kelly (@StStefanus) from St Stefanus for sending it through to me!

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