Russian River Pliny The Elder

Not bottle conditioned
Russian River Pliny The Elder [baron rating 5/5] - 8% gold ale,tropical solventy smell,sweet resinous mango spicy taste,spicy resin finish
Listen to what Chris, Paul, Leigh & the Baron have to say about it

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Thank you to Leigh (@villaBONE) for bringing this back from the states and thanks to Chris Cromwell (@beerquester) for giving it to him to bring for a baron rating!


BeerBear said...

Amazing beer. Sculpin is pretty close when fresh though.

Baron Orm said...

It was excellent to be able to try both of these beers, you rarely see them in the UK so it was great to try them no matter how fresh! :)

Rob Derbyshire said...

The ICON! Yeah its pretty amazing but will never live up to the hype. Give me Firestone Walker Double Jack any day.
In California a 3 week old Pliny is a drain pour!

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