Looking forward to baron rating Salopian Brewery ales

We've baron rated Salopian Brewery's Darwin's Origin & Oracle in the past and got to try them on cask whilst judging in Ludlow and have been very impressed. They are a 'traditional' brewery producing excellent beer which doesn't get the credit that it deserves to be honest! I'm now able to buy Salopian beer locally in Ormskirk thanks Holborn Ales and thanks to their connection with Salopian Brewery a couple of samples were waiting for me in Holborns when I popped in there this week:

One normal, one not - can't wait to get stuck in!

Salopian Brewery
  • Shropshire Gold - 3.8% golden ale,with a floral aroma and full hoppy flavour that is balanced by a crisp dry maltiness and a rich finish
  • Vertigo - 7.2% black IPA hopped with Centennial & Galaxy
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Salopian Brewery beers soon, and a big thank you to Jake (@SalopianBrewery) for sending them through to me!

Buy Salopian ales from Holborn Ales

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