Thwaites Big Ben

Not bottle conditioned
Thwaites Big Ben [baron rating 4/5] - 5.8% ruby ale,plum demerara sugar smell,balanced dandelion & burdock taste,short stewed fruit finish
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Drinkerab said...

I was just about to ask where your review of 13 Guns was but I see you had a sample in June. FYI you can get a case of the 3x330ml bottles from Best of British Beer

PS. Fallen Nun looks good. BUT I don't like the recent trend of big brewers selling their "craft" wares in 330ml bottles. Especially where they're sub 6% ABV.

Baron Orm said...

I've a bottle of the new 13 Guns ready for review as well to see if it's any different than the sample I had.

Apart from BOB Beer it can also be bought in select Bargain Booze stores.

Agree with your point about bottle size and ABV, this does seem to be a growing trend from all brewers :(

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