Bexar County Falcon IPA

Bottle conditioned with slight carbonation

Bexar County Falcon IPA [baron rating 2/5] - 7.7% gold ale,satsuma smell,watery spicy satsuma taste,dry spearmint finish
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it

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I emailed the brewer to see if what we found was to be expected,here's his reply:

I've tried two bottles today... One before listening to your review again and one while listening to your review.
So I'm a little in the fence on this one.  I don't think you got a duff bottle (although both of mine had bubbles riding from the bottom for at least 10 minutes) because what you said seemed accurate... But as I drank it and went through my brew notes (quite a few different beers have been brewed since), I couldn't help but think that I actually hit target with this (the problem with that is it brings up the question is it a bad beer by design or am I just a bad brewer...).  Part of me wants to guide you through the beer so that I can at least show you my vision, but the other side of me realizes that the everyday consumer won't have that luxury.  Your review was an honest look at the beer you were given.  I have to accept that and just be glad that it was a very limited addition that won't be made again.
I do appreciate your ratings... It's great to get feedback from someone who actually cares... And the fact that I got two 5/5 at least cushions the blow of one bad review.
Keep up the good work... It's people like you that are aiding in the progress of this country's beer development.  My hat off to you!
Steven Saldana
Bexar County Brewery LTD
Thank you to Andrew (@TheAleRoom) from The Ale Room for sending this through for a baron rating!

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