Looking forward to baron rating Natural Selection's Mutiny on the Beagle

Jonathan from Natural Selection Brewing got in touch with me via twitter last week asking if I would like to try their new beer, here's a bit of information about them and their beers:

Natural Selection Brewing is a project involving 5 Masters students at the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling in collaboration with Stewart Brewing here in Edinburgh. The project is now in year 4 and involves the creation of a production-scale batch of beer (80HL this year) from the first idea to test batches, scale up, marketing, events and sales.

This year we have brewed a 5.8% IPA called "Mutiny on the Beagle", hopped solely with British hop varieties from the past 20 years. We wanted to brew a beer that reflected the classic beer style that would have been popular in Charles Darwin's time but which used used newer hop varieties, including a big dry hop of a new Charles Faram 2013 developmental hop, Olicana. What we ended up with was a beer that is both classic in it's inspiration but modern in it's interpretation. Expect notes of orange marmalade, pine needles and lime cordial, with a lingering bitterness and some toffee malt characteristics that are distinctively British.

Natural Selection Brewing

  • Mutiny on the Beagle - 5.8% seafaring India Pale Ale brewed using 100% British hops with notes of pine, orange marmalade and lime peel
Look out for 'baron ratings' of this beer soon, and a big thank you to Jonathan from Natural Selection Brewing for sending it through to me!

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