Looking forward to baron rating Shepherd Neame 1215 ale

Shepherd Neame seem to be one of the few large ubiquitous breweries who not only make a huge range of regular normal ales but also seem to be trying out stronger more specialist beers. Here is their latest beer 1215, brewed to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta which established the rule of the law and more importantly, defined the traditional pint of ale.

A beast of a bottle and a beer
Shepherd Neame Brewery
  • 1215 - 8% traditional strong English ale, infused with medieval ale ingredients such as Mugwort, Yarrow, Woodruff and Fennel
There are only 1215 bottles of this beer, so if you want one you'd better get down to the Shepherd Neame Visitors Centre (they also offer tours you know?) or get one via their webshop.

Look out for a baron rating for this Shepherd Neame Brewery beer soon, and a big thank you to John Humphreys (@ShepherdNeame) for sending it through for a baron rating!

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