Beer Tourism - a case study - BELGIUM

Belgium & Beer

199 breweries in Belgium, nearly 8 million hectolitres consumed per year, with a per capita consumption of 71 litres, but 20 million are produced, most of which are exported. 66% of production is exported.

Belgium has more than 1,500 beers, producing 1% of the world beer production, but brews  10x it's demographic weight - small country but great beer.

New Reality & Economy

"Drink less, taste more" - the speciality market has really taken off in Belgium and therefore as an exported product, around the world.

Not only deepen the understanding about beer but also broaden the availablity and accessibility of the beer. It's not just about drinking a great beer, but about the moment of that experience of trying the beer. 

"We now live in an experience economy where people have shifted from passive consumption to active participation."

Beer Tourism

Beer as the primary motivation (old school):
* beer routes
* beer weekends
* beer themed lunch
* beer tasting
* other

Place as a primary motivation (old school):
* Festivals, events
* Beer museum
* Visiting breweries, brew houses
* Obtaining beer related items
* Visiting brasseries
* Other

Beer Tourism Logic (modern way)
* Must live
* Must see
* Must taste
* Must understand

Beer as an enabler, brewery as a facilitator.

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