Details of Adnams ? - their 10% special ale

A few weeks ago Fergus from Adnams sent through a lovely gift of a bottle of cask Adnams Extra [baron rating 4/5], but what I couldn't mention at the time was that an extra bottle was also parcelled along with the Extra:

A bottle of Adnams ? - their brand new 10% ale

This unnamed 10% ale had been conditioning in open tanks for around 4 months and was bottled straight from the tank and so lacked any carbonation at all. Fergus said that it will be carbonated similar to champagne and will come nicely presented in large 750ml bottles.

Chris & I opened this bottle the same night as trying the Adnams Extra, here's what we thought:

Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it.

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Please make sure you listen to the 'live tasting session' above, the description below is nothing compared to the audio!

Colour: golden
Smell: orchard fruit, elderflower, honey sweetness
Taste: malty sweetness and a layered champagne sweetness, raisins & banana cake
Finish: persistent & sticky sweet, lovely!

All in all this is a very special tasty ale, I can't wait to see & try the finished product it's going to be a lovely lovely beer!

Thanks again to Fergus and the team at Adnams for letting us trying this rather special beer.

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