Looking forward to 'baron rating' some Williams Bros. ales very soon!

I was talking to Williams Bros. via twitter the other day about their Summer Sun ale, brewed exclusively for export to Sweden and whether they would like a 'baron rating' for it. The agreed to send a bottle through for review but completely excelled themselves and sent seven different ales through as well as a rather cool Williams Bros. t-shirt!

Williams Bros. Brewery
  • Alba
  • 7.5% scots pine ale
  • Ebulum
  • 6.5% elderberry black ale
  • Grozet
  • 5% gooseberry & wheat ale
  • Red
  • 4.5% premium red ale
  • Summer Sun
  • 4% hoppy golden ale (not available in the UK, brewed for export to Sweden)
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Williams Bros. beers soon, and a big thank you to Williams Bros. for sending these through to me!


tania_nexust said...

That whole selection looks lush - would love to try the Summer Sun - do you know why it's not being sold here?
Making me thirsty now!

Baron Orm said...

Not sure why it's export to Sweden only, the labels are all ready for the UK shelves. I tried it last week when the beers arrived, it's got some earth herbal hop aromas & taste and is crisp & refreshing.

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