World Cup Beer Sweepstake - Chile

I like free beer.
The BeerTwitterSphere mentioned 'world cup'-themed free beer.
I like free beer.
I don't like football.
They said you don't need to know anything about football.
I breathed a sigh of relief.
The teams were picked expertly by random.
I got Chile.
Chile :(
I visited wikipedia.
I visited ratebeer.
I found that none are sold in the UK.
I spoke to Source Deli.
They got some Cristal just for me
It was Cristal.
From Cuba.
I was ready to give up.
I though I would check ebay for a laugh
I found this!
I emailed the seller.
It was empty :(
I gave up.
I felt bad.
And then Chile were out.
I didn't feel so bad.
I went to the fridge.
I got a beer.
It was cold.
No wait...

It was CHILE!

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