Waitrose October ale & beer offers - part 2 (13th October - 3rd November 2010)

Waitrose have an amazing second batch of ale offers for October, their PR staff informed me ahead of time what this month's offers are:

Beer Showcase - Buy 2 for £3 on the following beers:

  • Bath Dark Hare normally £1.84
  • Bath GEM normally £1.99
  • Bath Wild Hare normally £1.95
  • Brains Dark normally £1.85
  • Brains Reverend James normally £1.81
  • Brains SA Gold normally £1.89
  • Duchy Originals Old Ruby Ale normally £1.99
  • Fuller's 1845 normally £2.36
  • Fuller's Chiswick Bitter [baron rating coming soon] normally £1.80
  • Fuller's Golden Pride normally £2.59
  • Fuller's London Porter [baron rating coming soon] normally £2.05
  • Fuller's Organic Honey Dew normally £1.92
  • Greene King Suffolk Springer normally £2.14
  • Greene King Very Special IPA [baron rating coming soon] normally £1.99
  • Hook Norton Double Stout normally £1.99
  • Hook Norton Twelve Days normally £1.94
  • Ringwood Fortyniner normally £1.92
  • Skinners Bitter Betty Stogs normally £1.85
  • Skinners Bitter Cornish Knocker normally £1.85
  • Skinners Bitter Heligan Honey normally £1.85
  • St Austell Admirals Ale normally £2.04 - £1.50
  • St. Peter's Fruit beer - Grapefruit normally £1.94
  • St. Peter's Golden Ale normally £1.84
  • St. Peter's Mild normally £1.62
  • St. Peter's Old Style Porter normally £1.85
  • St. Peter's Ruby Red Ale normally £1.85
  • Thwaites Flying Shuttle normally £2.12
An excellent selection of offers, I can't even imagine which ones I'm going to stock up on yet!


Curmudgeon said...

This does rather suggest that Waitrose beer prices are very dear before the discount. Many of these beers are £1.69 a bottle in Morrisons - and £5.50 for 4. And Brakspears Bitter - a staggering £1.92 in Waitrose for a 3.4% beer - is regularly available for 99p in Home Bargains :-)

Tom mann said...

Skinners beers have all been tasty when I've had them, Fullers Chiswick was spot on but I'd ask you to re-rate the Brakspear Triple, one of my favourites, maybe you had a bad bottle? But agree with the curmudgeon, Brakspear Bitter can often be found for a quid at Home Bargains etc.

Baron Orm said...

Agreed about the price of some of the ales, but on the plus side Waitrose also stock a number of beers that are tough to get hold of in the other supermarkets.

My issue with the Triple was the peachy aspect,I found it a bit to syrupy & peachy. Can't stand peachy or excessive elderflower in my beers (personal thing).

Will rerate it if I get a chance to pick it up cheap... ;)

arn said...

Thats it, fingers crossed i'm heading there tomorrow. Some real bargins, and your right, i've never seen some of those, like Fullers Porter, this side of the severn bridge except in waitrose.

Baron Orm said...

Fuller's Porter is amazing (it's going to get a [baron rating 5/5] when I get round to writing up my notebook).

Make sure you get plenty!

MusicRab said...

Interestingly, the list of beers included in the offer appears to contain some other beers not mentioned above. (I'll say this quietly). e.g. Fuller's Vintage Ale. I assume this is a mistake and/or that these have been removed from the shelves before the offer started!

Here's the beers in the offer...
Waitrose 2for£3 list

Baron Orm said...

MusicRab - that's crazy - I hope for their sake that it's a website error!

MusicRab said...

Ordered today. I was assured that it WASN'T a mistake. So down to local stock levels. My order:-

12xFuller's vintage ale
12xFullers's 1845 strong ale

ONLY allowed substitions :- Fullers ESB, Fullers London Porter, Fullers Golden Pride, Hook Norton Brewery Double Stout, Fuller Bengal Lancer IPA

As long as this offer is NOT instore I'm crossing my fingers for a Monday AM delivery...

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