What's a Twadge? A Twitter Badge of course!

As you may have been aware I attended the Manchester #twissup this weekend. As beery people are always so generous to me in the form of free beer I wanted to try to be generous in a 'baron way'.

After much thought I decided that some Twitter badges or 'twadges' for short would be perfect. Take someone's twitter icon, stick it in a 30mm square badge with a pin on the back and hand them out.  Not everyone knows what everyone looks like in the flesh and I for one have a symbol for my Twitter icon which is of no use to anyone being about to guess who I am.

So what does a 'twadge' look like?

I did feel a bit of a twadge myself just before I started handing them out as I thought they might be perceived as a bit crap but the reaction was more than positive! Glad you all liked your twadge and thanks for wearing them with pride, and I'm sorry for those that didn't get one, I only had twenty of them so had to pick my favourites.

Maybe I should start selling my twadges on eBay?

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