Atlantic Fistral

Atlantic Fistral [baron rating 1/5] - 5.2% completely flat gold ale,slight fruity spicy aroma,citrus mild tangy taste,dry tangy finish

I've not been overly impressed with the four Atlantic beers that I've 'baron rating' - their bottle-conditioning seems very hit & miss and most of the time results in a cloudy but completely flat ale. If this is 'real ale' then I don't want it!

Thank you to Paul from AlesByMail for sending this through for a 'baron rating'!

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arn said...

atlantic fistral

totally agree, had the same thing with the bottle i had back in july

Baron Orm said...

It's a shame as the ale didnt taste too bad, but with zero carbonation there's no mouthfeel and that's a massive part of ale drinking to me!

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