Looking forward to baron rating Beau's Mates with Dates ale

Beautiful embossed bottle with a great label
I get sent a lot of great beer to receive the baron treatment but rarely does the chance to try a beer where there are only four bottles in the country!

I met Alex from ALL BEER close to when I started beer reviewing (on the first #twissup in Sheffield) and I've been using his ALL BEER Flavourmax tasting glasses for my baron ratings ever since (they really are lovely glasses and great for channelling the aromas to the nose).

He got in touch a couple of weeks back to inform me that he'd done a collaboration brew with the Canadian brewery Beau's and would I like to review one of the four bottles in the UK.

I jumped at the chance to try such an exclusive beer and I must say that even the bottle is most impressive.

"Mates with Dates was created in partnership with British brewer Alex Barlow. Mates is a truly experimental offering. The base beer is loosely modeled on an English brown ale. After the first fermentation we added crushed dates, cane sugar, more wort & Trappist Ale yeast to get a second fermentation going. The taste of the dried fruit and spices are delicate but unmistakable in this luscious brown ale"

It's a 7.7% ale in a 600ml bottle, really looking forward to trying this with Chris.

Look out for a baron rating for this Beau's Brewery beer soon, and a big thank you to Alex (@AlexAtAllBeer) for sending it through to me!

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