Looking forward to baron rating Blueball Brewery ales

Chester is one of those cities which is close to Ormskirk but I never go there, no reason why not either, it just doesn't crop up when we are looking for places to go. I was there for a evening out with the Baroness a couple of weeks ago so I put some feelers out on Twitter to find where we should go for some post-food drinks.

@jamesbwxm came to my aid to suggest a few watering holes in Chester, one of them being Kash Bar.

Not only is it a pretty cool bar but it's also the brewery tap for Blueball Brewery and on this particular evening Alex the head brewer was serving behind the bar.

The Baron & Blueball Alex
I got to try quite a few of their excellent ales on tap at the bar (they were all really good) and had a nice long chat with Alex (@blueballbrewery) as well about his time brewing in the states (you can tell that when you taste his beers - nice big bold flavours with lots of hops!).

He was also extremely kind and handed over a few bottles for some baron ratings:

  • Danni's Darkside - 4.8% dark lager, blend of 7 malts & German hops gives a crisp yet moreish taste
  • Kitty von Maibock - 4.5% Mai Bock, our take on a German classic,lager and Vienna malts with 3 German hops gives a crisp clean taste
  • White Betty - 8% Belgium gold, 8 malts with 4 hop additions,packed full of corriander, orange and love!
  • Zeppelin - 5.5% hefeweizen, a salute to the classic German wheat beer, bitter sweet with a complex array of spice and fruit undertones
Cool t-shirt as well!
  • Spank (500ml bottle conditioned) - 6% industrial IPA, amber in colour, both hoppy & malty with a balanced bitterness and dry finish
  • Spank (330ml filtered & carbonated) - 6% IPA, same as above really ;)
It's going to be really interesting baron rating these two side-by-side to see how the components of the beer are affected by the bottling technique, not done this type of experiment before!

Look out for baron ratings for these Blueball Brewery beers soon, and a big thank you to Alex (@blueballbrewery) for handing them over to me!

Buy Blueball ales direct and from Kash Bar


arn said...

I assume your also handing the bottles straight over to the 'Pumpclip parade' blog for an examination of its subtle branding!

Brother Logic said...


Leigh said...

Some nice-looking beers there. Not sure about 'spank' though!

Baron Orm said...

Guys, I know what you mean about the labels, I'm unsure myself about where they sit on the pumpclipparade sliding scale as they are in the WW2 US air force style rather than smutty but I know what you mean about Spank (esp. with the kneeling girl and hand print...)

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