Looking forward to baron rating St Austell Big Job ale

I've a lot of respect for St Austell Brewery, I think their Proper Job is lovely, their Proper Black is excellent and Tribute is a lovely cask beer when served from a beach bar overlooking the sea in Cornwall.

They sent quite a shocking present to me this week: a 750ml bottle of 9% double IPA!

This just isn't the type of beer that I thought St Austell would want to produce, it's far too bold for them to do, something that should be done by a micro 'craft' brewery instead, or is it? ;)

What an amazing looking big bottle
St Austell Brewery
  • Big Job - 9% double IPA, massively hopped Cornish ale. Big Job is a BIG beer, 9% alcohol, dry as a bone and jammed full of Cornish barley and as many Citra and Centennial hops as we could get our hands on. It's not subtle, but if you love the taste of big, powerful hops Big Job will be just the Job for you!
Look out for a 'baron rating' for this St Austell beer soon, and a big thank you to @StAustellBrew from St Austell Brewery for sending it through to me!

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