Arcobrau Urfass

Not bottle conditioned
Arcobrau Urfass [baron rating 3/5] - 5.2% pale gold ale,bready sweet lemon smell,savoury bittersweet taste,grassy oily bitter taste


Curmudgeon said...

Was this obtained from ALDI, by any chance? If so, how much?

Baron Orm said...

Actually it wasn't this time! I was at a family wedding in the summer and a guest who lives in Germany had driven over with three 20-bottle cases of mixed German beer as he knew that a few of us there wouldn't want to be drinking the Carling.

There were a dozen bottles left so he handed them to me in one of the lovely sturdy plastic bottle cases as a gift.

I'm finally getting around to writing up what I thought of them (sampled them back in August mostly) so this is why you will see a flood of German beers on my site.

I mentioned to him that I can get Arcobrau beers in Aldi, he said they are the closest brewery to his house!

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