Mayfields Priory Pale Ale

Bottle conditioned with perfect carbonation
Mayfields Priory Pale Ale [baron rating 5/5] - 4% copper ale,tangy spicy marmalade smell,peppery citrus bitter taste,very dry fruity finish
Note: I first tried this beer in it's non-bottle-conditioned form back in March and was very unimpressed - it was dull, weak and thin and wasn't much for a bottled ale. I'm so please to say that the bottle conditioned version is so much better that my rating for this ale has gone from a 2/5 to a 5/5! Adam should be extremely proud of the job he has done on bringing this bottled beer to us in the way that it should be experienced, really goes to show the difference that different bottling techniques can have!
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Thank you to Adam (@MayfieldsBrewer) from Mayfields Brewery for sending this through for a baron rating!

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