Looking forward to baron rating Mayfields ales

I'd not seen or heard of Mayfields Brewery before I started visiting Holborn Ales in Ormskirk and spotted them on the shelves. I find that a pale ale is a good test of a brewery and so picked up a bottle of the Priory Pale Ale back in March.

Unfortunately I found it thin and lacking as a bottle ale and mentioned this to the brewer via Twitter. This started a conversation about the fact that their bottles were sent out to an external bottler and due to the filtration & bottling process a lot of the flavour and character of the beer had also been filtered out.

Since then, Adam (brewer & owner of Mayfields Brewery) has been busy - he's scraped the contract bottling and has gone down the bottle conditioned route. A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to pop into Holborn Ales to find a bottle of each of the new range ready to receive a baron rating. I'm really looking forward to re-rating the Priory Pale Ale (as well as the rest of the range to be honest) to see what the BCing has done for the character of the ale:

The Mayfields range, now bottled conditioned
Mayfields Brewery
  • Auntie Myrtle's - 4.5% award winning smooth & fruity copper premium ale - Cyclops says see: dark copper, smell: malty,winey,warming, taste: roasted,smooth,refreshing
  • BV Stout - 4.5% delicious smooth black stout
  • Ducking Stool - 4.4% refreshing straw coloured ale with a citrus hop character - Cyclops says see: golden amber, smell: soft fruits,light hop, taste: citrus,sharp,malty
  • Priory Pale Ale - 4% golden ale with a crisp malt body and floral hop notes
Look out for a 'baron rating' for this Mayfields Brewery beer soon, and a big thank you to Adam (@MayfieldsBrewer) for sending it through to me!

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