Baron on Tour: Liverpool Beer Festival 2011

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the trade session of the Liverpool Beer Festival 2011 thanks to Source Deli & Liverpool Organic Brewery. We (Paul from Source Deli, Chris & I) headed off to Liverpool Catholic Cathedral on Wednesday night.

Inside we were presented with a wall of casks filling the entire wall of one side of the crypt. Only local beers were available during the trade session and any beer from the main sponsors, Liverpool Organic were free! Their beers were lovely (I've only tried one of theirs before) but we made sure we actually paid for some beer as well (I know that it's not the baron way though ;) ).

Here are a list of the beers that we (Chris & I) tried roughly in order:

My favourites from the ones we tried were Liverpool Organic's Shipwreck IPA & Blueball's Blonde Bombshell - both of them were outstanding and I've love to try them again.

After we left the trade session things started to get a bit blurry, we went to the Everyman for a pint (a very nice pint of Trappers Hat from Brimstage Brewery) and a bite to eat.  Paul from Source decided that Chris & I should drink something that wasn't from the UK or the USA and so forced these upon us:

I wasn't allowed the Brooklyn Lager they had on tap :(

We then ended up in The Dispensary where they had Stringers Pale Ale on, as we were with Jon & Becky from Stringers it would have been rude to not drink their beer! It was a lovely beer, crisp & refreshing with an assertive hoppy bite, I'm blaming it for the bad head I had the next day! ;)

Jon & Becky from Stringers


Rob Derbyshire said...

I've enjoyed all the beers I've had from Liverpool Organic. I've only had their 24 Carat Gold and Russian Imperial stout but both were very good.

How did you get on with the Schlenkerla? I had it ages ago and didn't like it at all and that put me off smoked beers for a while. I had both the Schlenkerla beers on Saturday on Twissup and enjoyed them. But saying that Mikkeller's Beer Geek Bacon was much better.

Baron Orm said...

The Schlenkerla was like drinking smoked sausage or smoked cheese - very smoky but not something I was particularly fond of.

That's not to say that I wouldn't want to try other smoked beers but I'm not going to be actively seeking them out either.

bornagainst said...

...It's long after the festival, but just spotted this. I had Shipwreck IPA and Blonde Bombshell down as my favourites too. The Bombshell was fantastic. It had long ran out by Saturday night, so I was lucky to get a Friday ticket.

And I'll echo the comments on the Schlenkerla. Only ever had it once, and keep meaning to back for another try, just never seem to fancy it again.

Baron Orm said...

Thanks for commenting on the blog and confirming that they were great beers. It's nice to hear from others who enjoyed them too.

Matt - Blueball said...

Love the blog!

Nice to see some good comments on our Blonde. We're genuinely chuffed you like it. If you fancy a trip over to see the brewery and have a few cold ones just get in touch.

The Schlenkerla Marzen is one of my favourite beers. It is an enigma in terms of taste. I buy and drink at least 3 bottles a month and normally they taste amazing. Every now and again I open a bottle and almost heave at the smokiness. I think it is so dependant on what you have eaten and drunk before it. It is so out there in its smoke that sometimes it tastes just too strong. I'd recommend buying a couple more and drinking them at different times to experience it completely.

Baron Orm said...

Matt, thanks for leaving a comment. I hear what you are saying about the smoked beer I'm happy to try it again in the future might do a bit of a 'taste test' on a couple like you suggest.

I'd love to pop over sometime and take a look around, I'm always happy to do another Baron on Tour! (what's the best way to get in touch?)

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