Wooden Hand Black Pearl

Wooden Hand Black Pearl [baron rating 4/5] - 4.5% black ale,slightly tart choc smell,rounded dark choc quite bitter taste,dry choc finish
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it.

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This was part of the winter pack of the superb '52 week beer club' by myBrewerytap.

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arn said...

I enjoyed this too, their other bottles are not bad also.

Rob Derbyshire said...

I thought this was awful! Thin and very astringent. Not what I'd call a stout.

Baron Orm said...

We found it very drinkable which might equate to your description of thin and there were some slightly tart notes but I wouldn't have said astringent.

Each to their own though, it's make the beer blogging world a very interesting one! :)

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