Looking forward to 'baron rating' Lymestone ales very soon!

When Paul from AlesByMail came up to stay to attend my Marble Beers night at Source Deli he brought a range of beers up for me as well. The Lymestone range of beers below were included in that stash:

Lymestone Brewery

  • Ein Stein - 5% gentle biscuit malt then fresh Hersbrucker hops
  • Foundation Stone - 4.5% chewy juicy fruits then spicy peppery hops
  • Stone Faced - 4% chewy toffee compliment bitter pine & citrus notes
  • Stone The Crows - 5.4% rich dark beer with juicy chewy flavour & lingering bitterness
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Lymestone beers soon, and a big thank you to Paul from AlesByMail for handing these over  to me!

Buy Lymestone ales here

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