Green Jack Red Herring

Green Jack Red Herring [baron rating 5/5] - 5% red ale,wood smoke house smell,balanced red currant plummy taste,smoky gentle bitter finish

Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it.

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Note: Bottle conditioned with perfect carbonation

Thank you to Martin (@GreenJackBrew) from Green Jack brewery for sending this through for a 'baron rating'!

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Olsta said...

Great review chaps. I first tried Green Jack's Mahseer IPA late last year and since then, I've been a fan of their beers.

Totally agree with you on your assessment - they quietly produce lovely, characterful beers in a very under-stated way, which I really admire. They just let their beer do the talking.

Luckily, my local independent beer shop stocks these beautiful 750ml bottles, so I'll be popping down there this weekend to pick up a bottle of Red Herring. I'll be keeping the bottle too - it'll sit next to my Gone Fishing and Lurcher Stour bottles in the kitchen!

Baron Orm said...

Olsta, thanks for the comment I wish I could buy them locally! I've bought them in the past from Ales By Mail.

I agree about them looking so nice, I think Chris is going to fill his with different types of olive oil as a reason to keep them on the kitchen window sill. ;)

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