Looking forward to baron rating Green Jack Red Herring

I'm a big fan of the Green Jack Brewery and I've mentioned before that they are one of the brewing scene's hidden gems so when they offered to send some of their brand new "Red Herring" I didn't say no:

Green Jack Brewery
  • Red Herring - 5% fruity red ale with a dry smokey finish, brewed using locally smoked malt
Green Jack have such lovely tall bottles, the 750ml swingtop looks so cool and the labels are always really detailed, see if you can spot the redder of the red herrings on the label.

Look out for a 'baron rating' for this Green Jack Brewery beer, and a big thank you to Martin (@GreenJackBrew) for sending it through to me!

Buy Green Jack ales direct and from Ales By Mail and myBrewerytap

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