Pipers Crisps rebranded for the better!

Back in April I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely crisps from Pipers Crisps.

Both Chris and I really enjoyed them and I posted our thoughts as audio reviews.

Pipers Crisps have recently rebranded and so sent through a selection of their rebranded packets and flavours:

  • Anglesey Sea Salt - salt harvested from The Menai Straights
  • Biggleswade Sweet Chilli - grow under glass near Biggleswade
  • Burrow Hill Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt - cider vinegar from  Burrow Hill Cider farm in Somerset

  • Karnataka Black Pepper & Sea Salt - peppercorns from the Western Ghats of Southern India
  • Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion - cheddar cheese from Lye Cross farm near the village of Cheddar
  • Unsalted
  • Wissington Spicy Tomato - plum tomatoes from Cornersways Nursery
I asked Pipers about the reason for the rebrand:

After nearly eight years of sustained growth, Pipers Crisps is refreshing its brand and redesigning its packaging to accurately reflect its core values and emphasise what the brand stands for.

The new name on the pack is ‘Pipers Crisp Co’, highlighting not only the product itself, but also emphasising the company behind the brand - the people, the expertise and the great service that comes as part of the Pipers brand promise. The name boldly takes centre-stage on the new pack design and the updated logo incorporates the important message ‘Made By Farmers’.

Pipers Crisps are renowned for their great taste and strong flavours, sourced from passionate regional producers. The provenance of these flavours is essential to the brand, so the source of the flavour is named on every pack.

I really liked the original packets but these rebranded ones are even better, I love the retro look - it reminds me of the London Underground for some reason! These really are lovely crisps, if you ever see Pipers Crisps around make sure you try them.

Thank you to Zoe & Alex from @Pipers Crisps for sending these lovely looking rebranded packages through to me!

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