Looking forward to baron rating canned Adnams Ghost Ship

We baron rated the bottled version of Adnams Ghost Ship in October last year giving it a solid [baron rating 4/5]. They very recently announced that Ghost Ship was now available in cans and their head brewer Fergus very kindly sent up a sample for us to try:

I really like decent ale in cans - it's the future!

Adnams Brewery
  • Ghost Ship - 4.5% ghostly pale ale, that's it - there is no further description on the can!
I'm really interested to try this new canned version along side the regular bottled version so look out for a special side-by-side review very soon!

Look out for a baron rating for this Adnams Brewery beer soon, and a big thank you to Fergus (@Solebear) for sending it through to me! 

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