Looking forward to baron rating Grain ales

I get a few press releases sent to me, most are not very interesting or suitable for me to blog about but one a few weeks ago caught my eye. It was an email offering information about Grain Brewery's gift packs suggesting that they would be idea as Christmas presents. This doesn't sound that interesting other than I received the email in August just before I went on my summer holidays!

Nice simple branding
I responded back saying that I was interested in the pack and last week a lovely pack arrived with a hand-written note from Phil the head brewer.

Now I've not heard a lot of stuff about @grainbrewery on Twitter and when presented with a pack consisting of a stout, blonde ale and an IPA I wasn't expecting an awful lot but when I read the front of the bottles I got pretty excited. The stout? burnt & coffee. The blonde? not a 4% golden ale but a Belgian style witbier. And the IPA? I was expecting an ABV of between 3-5% but got a pleasent surprise at 6.5%.

I'm so sorry Grain for doubting you, the bottles look great and the descriptions have got my mouth watering!

Good looking bottles with great sounding descriptions

Grain Brewery
  • Blackwood Stout - 5% traditional black stout, with burnt toast dryness and a hint of coffee
  • Blonde Ash - 4% Belgian style cloudy witbier with fruity aromas
  • India Pale Ale - 6.5% strong golden pale ale with crisp & refreshing citrus hops
Look out for baron ratings for these Grain Brewery beers soon, and a big thank you to Phil (@grainbrewery) for sending them through to me!

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