Looking forward to baron rating Jack Brand Innovation

Adnams Innovation is one of my favourite beers, it's one that I buy from Adnams quite often and really enjoy it for it's strong sweetish but tropical hoppy punch. Adnams have recently launched their 'Jack Brand' range of keg and bottled beers, giving Adnams an outlet for some smaller runs and more dynamic beers than the more solid regular Adnams range.

Innovation is the first beer they are releasing under the Jack Brand name, this is their normal Innovation but this one is only filtered rather than filtered and pasteurised. Fergus (head brewer of Adnams) has sent a few along for me to try, so I'm going to ensure that we do an audio head-to-head between this and the regular Adnams Innovation.

Lovely embossed label,with a historical & modern twist

Jack Brand Beers
  • Innovation - 6.7% splendidly hoppy IPA. Boadicea, Columbus and Stryian Goldings combine to give a wonderful grapefruit and tropical fruit aroma and bitterness that is balanced by the sweetness of the barley
Look out for a baron rating for this Jack Brand Beers ale soon, and a big thank you to Fergus (@Solebear) for sending it through to me!

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