Looking forward to taking part in #BoothsCheers

Booths are an excellent supermarket with stores mainly in Cumbria and their beer selection is second to none. Whenever I see one I have to call in to see what they've got on the shelves, normally spending far to long making my selections whilst the Baroness gets utterly bored.

I was really pleased then when Booths got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would like to be part of their online tasting session called #BoothsCheers. It's tomorrow night starting at 7pm and we are going to be tasting the following drinks:

#BoothsCheers ales

  • Booths (Hawkshead) Festival Ale - 4% refreshing, pale, hoppy, full-flavoured beer brewed with a blend of modern American and traditional English hops (brewed by Hawkshead to celebrate Booths 2013 Beer and Cider Festival)
  • Stringers Delta V - 6.5% bright gold, fragrant, strong beer. US and European hops give up an enticing aroma, a satisfying, drinkable body and a lasting bitterness
#BoothsCheers ciders

  • Dunkertons Browns -7.5% vivacious and complex Medium Dry cider
  • Orchard Pig Reveller -4.5% medium sparkling cider
Note: I'm not a fan of cider but a friend of mine (Mark) is, so I'll be dropping these round for him to drink and tweet about tomorrow night!

Look out for baron ratings for these Booths beers soon, and a big thank you to George (@BoothsCountry) for sending them through to me!

Buy these drinks from Booths

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