Looking forward to 'baron rating' Kernel ales very soon!

As I mentioned on my previous post about receiving a box of AlesByMail's latest website additions, there were some bottles in there that Paul got me for my birthday.

These were from the Kernel Brewery, a brewery I've heard so much great talk about on twitter and numerous blogs, so I was very excited when I opened up the box and saw such a great selection of Kernel's ales (see the unboxing video here).

Kernel Brewery
  • Black IPA - 6.8% big hoppy aroma over easy drinking dark body
  • Export Stout - 7.8% rich dried fruit with hints of rum and raisin, herbal hop bitterness on top of huge lingering espresso
  • Pale Ale (Bravo/Apollo) - 5.2% "sweet piney orange with a dash of grapefruit." (RateBeer)
  • Porter - 6.8% "roasty, dry, chocolatey and just a hint of roasted fruit sharpness - smooth, very drinkable" (Mark Dredge)
  • S.C.C.A.NS IPA- 7.5% hopped with Apollo, Simcoe, Columbus, Chinook and Nelson Sauvin for a good hit of fruit over a refined malt body
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these  @KernelBrewery beers soon, and a big thank you to Paul from AlesByMail for sending these through to me!


Anonymous said...

Please understand..

You made three postings today.

These bottles were in two of them.

During those 2 postings you taught us almost nothing about them.

You keep asking us to visit by posting, and then you give us more of the same...

Keep it simple, or make more effort.

One or the other!

Baron Orm said...


I'm sorry that you feel you've not got much out of these posts, I wanted to show the new beers in the AlesByMail line-up and I think that photos & video help people recognise the beers and give them names to remember when thinking about ordering beer online.

I've given as much details as I can from the bottles - maybe you should ignore my 'thank you' posts and just wait for the 'baron ratings'?

Hopefully they will give more information about the specific beer.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Thanks for the response! Your site is great. My time is just very precious and so many sites make me feel I'm going in circles! I guess I'm just not used to that from your site...

Keep up the informative work!

Baron Orm said...

Thanks for the reply as I was unsure of how to respond to your first comment.

What information would be helpful in this case? The tasting notes for most of these beers are not on the Kernel site so I was unsure what to put.

Any tips on how to make the site better will be warmly received! :)

Baron Orm said...

Anon, I've updated the descriptions now based on some stuff from the Kernel website, Mark Dredge's Kernel tasting notes and RateBeer - is this more what you were looking for?

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