Innis & Gunn Blonde

Innis & Gunn Blonde [baron rating 2/5] - 6% copper ale,cinnamon & vanilla smell,sweet fruity vanilla taste,sticky fruity vanilla finish

Note: Not bottle conditioned


arn said...

Never got on with their beers, its the oak, cant stand it.

Baron Orm said...

Agreed! I only bought this as it was cheap in B&M Bargains - go figure... ;)

Unknown said...

These are very distinctive beers, but that particular kind of distinction places them among my very least favourite.

Their relatively wide reach worries me. Imagine a newcomer taking the plunge with one of these. Scary!

Often found in bargain stores too. What does that say?

arn said...

I also see their new special edition, boxed, bottle in Tesco at 2.50, but i've yet to see on go from the shelf (or they're very fast at shelf replenishing). I might just get one though, i think its the aged rum cask version.

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