Baron on Tour: Ales By Mail warehouse

I was 'down south' a couple of weeks ago for a beer & food matching night run by Ales By Mail. Paul from Ales By Mail invited me to look around his warehouse and this is what I found:

Are words required? What an amazing collection of ales from the UK and abroad as well as an impressive collection of glassware!

Order any of this stuff from here


Ian Cann said...

Top photos, my word what a warehouse - half expected to see the ark of the covenant crate from raiders of the lost ark in there :)

Brilliant range of glassware as well, any idea if or when it will be available on the website?

Baron Orm said...

Thanks for the nice comments!

Regarding the glassware Paul mentioned that it was going to go onto the website soon, but I've not dates of when it will be available.

Martin said...

Looks good and I think it is about time I put in my first order with these people. Just need to drink some of my existing supply first!

Baron Orm said...


DO IT! DO IT! and when you do, don't forget to mention "the baron made me do it!" ;)

Martin said...

I certainly will do it. Not sure about you guys, but for sensible drinking I usually stick to two days a week (and no it isn't Friday and Saturday). So I probably will need another month to clear most of my existing stock.

Anyway, I recently had four days in Southwold and consumed seventeen beers in that period, both Best and Broadside. Very enjoyable, but not something I would like to do too often!

Baron Orm said...

I normally drink Friday & Saturday nights and probably one other evening during the week, often it's the night when we do the audio reviews as they are always midweek.

thebeermonkey said...

I'm a big fan of Ales by Mail. Their service is superb.
As an example, I ordered some Thornbridge mini-casks and some other assorted bottles on Friday just past. th box of my delightful beers were at my door by half ten monday morning.

Can't fault them other than to say, get those glasses on the website as soon as you can.

Baron Orm said...

Although Paul sends a lot of samples through for me to try I've also bought ale from them in the past and the service has been amazing - e.g. on free post weekend I submitted an order at Friday lunch, it arrived before lunch Saturday morning!

Now that is what I call service! :D

Paul Kruzycki said...

Hi folks - thank you for the nice comments. We have a team of elves to keep the warehouse running smoothly and they are very proud of their work place.

We'll be updating the site soonish.

The warehouse is starting to feel pretty small and we'll shortly be installing racking and in time moving to new premises.

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