Looking forward to baron rating Magic Rock ales

I've been a big fan of myBrewerytap for a while now, both being a paying customer as well as receiving sample bottles and a free subscription to their excellent 52 week beer club. When Richard mentioned that he was starting a brewery I was very excited for him - Magic Rock Brewing Company is the result.

He shared images of the brewery being built, early branding designs as well as finished pumpclips and bottle labels so it's very exciting to be able to gain some samples of the finished product:

Magic Rock Brewing Company
  • Cannonball - 7.4% IPA, tropically fruity resinous hops compete against a sweet malt backbone & rasping bitterness
  • High Wire - 5.5% West Coast Pale Ale, mango, lychee & lip-smacking grapefruit with a crisp bitter finish
  • Rapture - 4.6% Red Hop Ale, uplifting aromas of grapefruit & pine combine with pithy orange against a rich & malty body
These look & sound excellent and I can't wait to try them. I think I also have a new favourite drinking glass for when I'm not baron rating with the All Beer Flavourmax one!

Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Magic Rock beers soon, and a big thank you to Richard from Magic Rock for sending these through to me!

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Anonymous said...

All the Magic Rock beers are fantastic, Rapture is my current favourite regular drinker, Human Cannonball overall. Really looking forward to Dark Arts hitting the bottle soon too.

Ref the All Beer Flavourmax glass, really that good? I use an Oerbier glass that looks similar but isn't crystal and has no carbonation engraving at the bottom, worth buying?

That said I really like the look of the Magic Rock glasses, I want one!!

Baron Orm said...

Regarding the glass all I can say is that since Alex at ALL BEER gave me one I've used it for my photo shoots so changing glass would be a little upsetting for me. When my first one broke I bought a job lot of them from Alex so that my photos are consistent.

As for the difference in tasting the beer in that and other glasses I'm not so sure but it's nice to drink from!

pdtnc said...

I just need an official glass or the temperature isn't going to matter!! ha ha

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